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  Character Template

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PostSubject:  Character Template   Tue Aug 04, 2009 4:02 pm

Age: [Reasonable, between 16-35.]
Height: [Should be within age to height ratio.]
Weight: [Should be within age to weight ratio.]
Gender: [Male or female.]
Race: [What your characer was borne as; half breeds are acceptable.]
Class: [Pick a custom class with the 7 abilities from OB.]

Physical Description: [Suggested 3 sentences long. Tell about every facial and bodily feature (no genitalia), and any clothing that they are wearing. Accessories and injuries should also be told. If you provide a picture, please describe it or add a little bit of your own words.]

Personality: [Your personality should be suggested 3 sentences long, telling about how your character will act in different situations and how he acts normally.]

Equipment: [Reasonable game weapons that fit your character and his skills. If adding custom weapons, please give your weapon a history.]

Magic/Abilities: [You may have 5 starting spells/abilities.]

History: [Please write at least 3 paragraphs, at least 5 sentences long each. Explain as detailed and creative as possible when writing the history. Also, YOU KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER. Don't make the excuse of amnesia for lack of ideas.]
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 Character Template
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