We praise our unholy matron, from her shadowed womb we were born. From her breast we suckle malice and pain. She loves her children you see.
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 The Listener- Xarhtna

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PostSubject: The Listener- Xarhtna   Sat Sep 19, 2009 5:21 am

Name: Xarhtna Black
Age: Uknown
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 115
Gender: Female.
Race: Dhampir (offsping of a human mother and vampire father).
Birthsign: The Shadow
Class: Assassin- Specialization: Stealth
Attributes: Intelligence, Speed
Skills: Acrobatics
Light Armor
She also masters in destruction magic.

Physical Description: Eye Colour- Green.
Hair- Blue-Black, long (hip length) and wavy.
Figure- Thin and muscular.
Make up- Black eyelashes, black eye-liner at top and bottom, clear glossy lip gloss, blusher.
Clothes- Black Hand Robes, Black Band

Personality: To those she likes, she will show her softer side. But as soon as you get on her bad side she will act extreamly agressive to whoever annoed her.

Equipment: Daedric Dagger
Daedric Arm Swords (she got them when she became listener of the dark brotherhood)

Magic/Abilities: Open Hard Lock
Blizzard- Frost Damage 75pts in 20ft on Target
Disintegrate Weapon- Disintegrate Weapon 150pts on Target
Electrocution- Shock Damage 110pts on Target
Enemies Explode- Fire Damage 5pts in 10ft for 5sec on Target
Fire Damage 70pts in 20ft for 1sec on Target
Flame Tempest- Fire Damage 75pts in 15ft on Target
Ice Blast- Frost Damage 110pts on Target
Immolating Blast- Fire Damage 110pts on Target
Legendary Magicka Drain- Drain Magicka 120pts for 60sec on Touch
Lightning Storm- Shock Damage 30pts in 15ft for 2sec on Target
Immobilize- Paralyze for 7sec on Touch
Mute- Silence in 15ft for 15sec on Target
Shadow- Chameleon 50% for 30sec on Self
Torchlight- Light in 50ft for 240sec on Self
Will of Sithis- Command Humanoid up to level 6 for 25sec on Target

History: Xarhtna is a dhampir, the offspring of a human mother and a vampire father. Her father is Angeles, and Xarhtna watched him slay her mother when she was about seven years old. Ever since, Xarhtna has vowed to avenge her mother's death by killing her father. After the death of her mother she was made homeless, which leads her to commit her first murder. Xarhtna found she felt no remorse for what she had done and shortly after she meets the night mother. Who raises and trains her as an assassin. (you will learn the rest through rp)
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The Listener- Xarhtna
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